We believe that exploring what your purpose is can be one of the most valuable things in your entire life. These workshops have been curated to guide you in exploring what living purposefuly means.



What is purpose workshop with bc serna

BC is a filmmaker, activist, and speaker who has traveled the globe for the past 10-years discovering stories of Good. From all his experience he has gathered a unique perspective on what Purpose truly means and how it should be every humans guide to living a fulfilled life.

BC's workshop will teach you the philosophy of purpose, what it means, and how to aggressively pursue it.


purpose in content creation & branding with taylor Saxelby

Taylor is a photographer and writer, who has made an incredible career out of using social media in a purposeful way to be creative and stylistic, all with depth and intentionality.

In a world where social media and branding is everything, it can be difficult to stay true to core values when using social platforms.  Taylor's workshop will teach you not only how to create great social content, but do it with wholesome purpose.


purposeful storytelling with perry grone

Perry is an award winning filmmaker who has a heart for thought-provoking, inspirational stories.  He has worked with brands like Sony, Red Bull, and Snapchat and has a passion for thinking of purpose before the project.

Whether you are a filmmaker or not, we are all living out a story, and are surrounded by stories each day.  Perry's workshop will guide you in understanding what a purposeful story means, and how to incorporate that into film, photography, or life.