Our team consist of creatives, storytellers, activist, speakers, writers, and shakers from all walks of life


BC Serna

Founder | BC is the visionary and creator of The Traveling Good. He believes after traveling around the world telling stories of hope that it's time to bring the efforts national and show the good within our own country.


Taylor Saxelby

Branding Expert | Taylor is a wiz at creating stunning social content that has depth, style, and creativity.  She is an amazing photographer and focuses her heart toward guiding others toward their passions.


Creative Genius | Perry is a creative, hilarious, passionate film maker that has the ability to capture and make videos that touch the human heart like never before.

Alex Radelich

Explore Kindness Founder

Alex is has the most stamina out of everyone, because he single handedly drove the 12,000 miles of our first U.S. tour. He's also a talented photographer and the founder of the non-profit Explore Kindness.

ansa aHMED

  Logistics | Operations

Without this woman, The Traveling Good wouldn't have been as functional.  Ansa is amazing at helping out with logistics and producing.

Houston kraft

Speaker, Founder of Choose Love

Houston is an internationally recognized speaker. He came to a big portion of our tour to speak, which changes the entire game. His message and storytelling ability is awe-inspiring.


Business Badass

Lauren is a badass. She loves collaboration and doing dope sh*t with brands and communities. She also loves organizing and running companies.

Miranda Alaska

Graphic Designer

Created our amazing logo!

Brian Clark

Motion Graphic Designer

Animated our amazing logo