How can you get involved in helping?


This page will expand overtime with more and more ways to get involved in local and global efforts! After we visit each city we will compile all the ways you can volunteer in your city as help you better understand all the good happening within your communities! 

Cupid Crew!

For the past 4 years we've partnered with Wish Of a Lifetime helping share their stories of granting wishes for elderly folks all over the USA! Every Valentines day we set off with hundreds of volunteers and deliver thousands of roses to retirement homes surprising folks with roses, games, kids, and smiles, and trust me they light up with smiles, stories, and so much joy! If you'd like to particpate in gathering your friends and delivering roses this year click here!

Redeye- Watts Kids

Our friends over at Red Eye are creating an incredible culture of mentoring, leading, and developing underserve and at-risk kids in the watts and skid row communities! Each mothers day and fathers day they host crazy loving event to help celebrate and uplift families at-risk! Here is our video recap of Mothers day make overs last year! They also host a fathers day strong man competition! 

Carnival Of Love - Skid Row

Every year our buddy Justin Baldoni from Wayfair productions host an incredible event on Skid Row called the Carnival of Love! Where they help serve homeless with food, clothes, toys, job interviews, showers, and so much more and hundreds of volunteers come out to support! Let us know if you'd like to join and here is a video recap from last year! 


Please let us know if you have ideas to add to the list!