the bucket list of love

During this 3 months, 10 events, 25 cities, 1,000+ people tour we want to surprise, empower, uplift, and love strangers along the way.

Below are just a few of our bucket list of love items of extra things we dream to make happen during this tour, but none of them can happen without YOU ALL!




the big tip!

In a handful of cities we want to order post-mates to the RV and/or when we eat at any restaurant and leave an insane tip! Hopefully $500 or more! Depending on what we raise from you guys!  

Deliver Roses to Senior Citizens 

A free car

We work with a handful of organizations that hire. train, and lead people getting out of low income situations, homelessness or jail and they employ and empower these people in a variety of ways but most still have to take a bus! So we hope that in one city we can rally enough donations to surprise one of two of these amazing people with a car to help them with their new journies! 

Surprise kids 

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