Phoenix, Arizona


A lot of the time we will park the RV somewhere in the middle of the night and not truly see the surroundings until we open the door and look outside the next morning.  

Well, on this morning we woke in the middle of nowhere. We were on the side of the road in the middle of the desert next to the only road for as far as you can see - we were pretty sure there were dead bodies buried out there somewhere.

Now, as you may not be aware of, like we weren't, but deserts get extremely cold. Like unbearably cold, and because of that we decided to take our shirts off and swing them around our heads as if to do some frozen, goofball morning ritual.

After our idiotic raindance, we headed toward Phoenix, but made a quick pitstop at Horseshoe Bend, which is one of the most awe-inspiring places we had ever seen... and of course we needed to get ridiculously close to the edge in order to snap fancy Insta pics (insert queen emoji here). 


We made it to Phoenix, and visited the children's hospital there where we met our new friends at Lighthouse For Hope. Lighthouse For Hope is an organization that provides financial support for families facing pediatric cancer, and was started by a young woman who, at a young age, beat cancer herself.


We need to be completely clear with something about this tour that no of us truly anticipated, but all quickly learned the reality of our situation.  We hardly had anything planned. 

Why didn't you plan more ahead of time? You may ask. That question and questions like it will be answered eventually.

So our event for Phoenix was planned the day after we pulled into town.  We essentially had 24 hours to make have an event with food, drinks, non-profits, and community there. We scrambled around trying to brain storm as much as possible.  Do we have it at a park? A bar? Where?!

Finally we stumbled across a co-working space that gave us permission as long as we were out of there in a timely fashion.  We were up for the challenge. 

BC Serna